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  • Everyone is different and how you prepare for your stay will depend upon the treatment or operation you require. The hospital will send you written information specific to your operation, treatment or investigation when they confirm your admission details.

  • Contact your private health insurance company and check that you are covered for the planned treatment, including your first out-patient appointment. Obtain a claim form if required by your insurer 

  • Obtain an authorisation code from your insurer and advise the Spire patient administrator of this when you attend hospital

  • Check your policy for any limits on the amount you can claim on certain types of treatment. Most policies will have an annual excess and limits, for example, on the amount payable for outpatient treatment

  • When you come to us you’ll have an initial consultation with your chosen consultant to discuss your condition. This may be followed with diagnostic tests or scans. Initial consultations and initial tests (if required) are charged separately. Once the consultant has discussed the treatment you require, you will be given a fixed price, this will cover all costs relating to this treatment from this point on.

  • You can pay by bank transfer, credit card and cheque, there is also interest free financing available though Spire Hositals ​

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